Dating Advice For Women: Dating & Finding A Lesbian Vegetarian

Modern Dating Advice For Dating A Vegetarian

One of the cool parts of online dating I wanted to share with you was how you can really narrow down the type of people that you can be matched with, and I am offering interesting modern online dating advice for women wanting to date: try alternative ways of living like being a vegetarian and embracing your lesbian side. I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 18 years, both for ethical and health reasons. Back before the internet in my youth, it was harder to find someone that shared my values. It was sort of a ‘take what you can get’ kind of situation. But things are now changing for the better!

Internet Dating Advice To Improve My Options In Life

In the past, I had dated some meat eaters, and it was always an issue for me. I am embarrassed to say I was even married to carnivore for 22 years. He never really understood my beliefs or values and it was a constant source of tension between us. Everything from his leather couch, to him going duck hunting, would drive me nuts. I swear it was like he was doing it on purpose just to drive me away. After 15 years, I’d had enough of it. Once I finally had my divorce, I sent my (now) ex-husband and his steaks packing. Eventually when I was ready to start dating again, and this time I wasn’t going to make that mistakes of the past again. No compromises this time around!  

Internet Dating Advice For Meeting Vegetarians

This is where online dating really helped me find a great match. I made sure I listed in my dating profile that I was looking for fellow vegetarian or vegan to make sure we were matched well suited. The other advantage of putting that I was looking for a fellow veggie, it was good way to see if people were reading my profile instead of just sending me random emails. If you read my profile it says to put “veggie” in the subject line and if they didn’t, I knew they didn’t read my profile. So it was win-win for me!

Dating A Lesbian VegetarianMeeting New People Online Including Lesbians!

  I met a few guys online that I had a good time with, but nothing serious. Then late last year I decided to branch out in my profile and decided to be open to dating women and opened up my profile to that. I’ve always been bisexual, but I had never dated women before. I thought I would give it a try online! I ended up meeting a great woman whom I started dating and she has the same animal rights values as I do. We actually decided to make the local Vegetarian Food Fair our first date, and we have been together for six months now.