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Review of Review Of reviews and uncovers whether it’s a scam or one of the hottest and best sites for adult and mature hookups and dating. Upon landing on the main page, I was greeted with a very elegant design. I can tell that it probably attracts older or more mature members just based on aesthetics alone. It’s not poppy and goofy looking like a lot of other dating sites that are geared at a younger audience. The sign up process is simple and also lends itself to a more adult feel.

Signing up is very easy and with high volume of members from all over North America, Europe, and Asia I was at no loss for gorgeous over 50 women to browse, message, and meet. Whether you’re looking for a soulmate or life partner, or you just want to get your feet wet with a little bit of sex and adventure, I encourage you to read my review and make a decision for yourself. There’s lots of great reasons to try out SexSearch. Keep reading this review to find out about my successful experience on SexSearch.

SexSearch Over 50 Dating

Results Using To Meet Local Hookups Over 50

My results were fairly successful looking for women over the age of 50 for some casual dates, sex, and romance. Read my review below to learn more about whether or not can make your sexual fantasies and relationship needs a reality.

My Results Dating Over 50 On In 30 Days… – I sent out over 45 messages to silver foxes and grey panthers in my neighborhood. – Of the 45 messages I sent out, I received 41 responses. – I received 27 unsolicited messages from hot women over 50. – I went on a date with 29 of the women – and I would’ve gone on more had time permitted. – I had sex with over half of the women that I went on dates with. I could’ve had sex with more, but I wanted to be transparent about the fact that I was just there to hook up and there wasn’t going to be a second date – despite the fact that many of them were beautiful.

I was pleasantly surprised with my results on Sex Search, and consistently impressed with the quality of women I met from using the dating site. I didn’t overdo it with the messages or browsing, and it required very little time out of my day spent online to make connections with these lovely ladies.

How To Successfully Meet Hookups Over 50 Using

If you’re new to the single game or just recently started dating again, joining an over 50 dating site might be kind of unnerving. Here are some tips that will help you have the best experience on Sexsearch:

1. Don’t be nervous: Online dating can seem like a foreign thing if you’re recently divorced or newly single. The landscape of dating has changed in under five years. Now more than HALF of single people are looking for love and sex online. No matter where in the world you live, you can use the internet to find sex. Would you be nervous to meet a woman out socially? If not, then don’t be nervous online. Most people do this in their sleep, and don’t worry about it. Neither should you!

2. Keep it relaxed: Keep your conversation relaxed and casual. Sometimes dating over 50 can feel heavy and serious, but it doesn’t have to. Many of these women and men are trying to see what’s out there and enjoy themselves. It doesn’t have to feel stressful in any way, because there are so many members on that if it doesn’t work out with one person, there’s still plenty more to choose from. By keeping your expectations in check and remaining flexible and relaxed, you’ll attract more dates and more opportunities for growth within the relationships that you’re more invested in.

3. The more you’re online, the higher your chances of success: This is a general rule that applies to all online dating and hooking up. The more often you’re online, the more interest you’ll get from other members. On, the members that are online appear at the top of the results if you match the criteria, or if a member did a general search. Think about how many more eyes that gets on your page and ultimately your inbox.

4. Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things: You may be ready to online date, but are you ready to date in real life? While you’ll likely be able to find many women who “fit the bill” of the type you’re looking for on, be open to changing it up and trying out different kinds of women. If you’ve previously only dated women that all look similar, have similar temperaments, and have the same type of background – you’re not getting the most of the current dating landscape. Now people are mixing it up with a variety of races, sizes, and ages. Taboos are gone and men and women can celebrate their differences by dating a beautiful array of “types.”

5. Give it a proper chance: Sometimes people will join dating sites and then bail after one day if they aren’t getting swarmed with messages. This process takes a few days to get warmed up and for you to familiarize yourself with the site. Give yourself time to explore and give members the opportunity to reach out to you.

Our Favorite Features Unique To

Here are my favorite features on that specifically apply to men and women over 50 looking for sex, dating, and relationships:

1. Age search features: This one’s really important when you’re looking to date over fifty. I found SexSearch’s age search to be specific and accurate. Often, dating sites generalize and connect you with people who are out of the age range you’re looking for. SexSearch is very accurate. You can also keyword search to meet people who are specifically looking for “mature” relationships.

2. Specific location features: You can search for other 50 pluses for dating and sex by location, which is really important. You can access this on the website from your computer or you can use it on your mobile device – as it luckily works on both. You can also search by specific areas in your town or city that you’d prefer a mate or date to live in – and you don’t actually have to be in the proximity when you search it. This is also a great feature for people looking to hook up on vacation in other cities or countries.

3. Easy to use: With so many complicated dating sites popping up now, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth the time. Luckily, is very simple. Not only does the site and app look good, but they’re easy to read and use. Signing up takes less than two minutes, and you don’t have to click through multiple pages and email links to get to the good stuff. It’s as simple as registering with an email, a username, and a photo. The “browse” window is on the main page, and all of your info is on the left. The entire layout is very simple and manageable, despite the vast amount of useful and exceptional features.

4. Discretion: Discretion is important, especially to more mature daters. No one wants the world to know that they’re putting themselves out there. Fortunately, respects your privacy. It has a very strict privacy policy, and because of all of the in-site features, you don’t have to give out your phone number or email to anyone in order to engage with them on a deeper level. You can send photos, chat, and video chat all on SEXSEARCH.COM!

Stuff We Didn’t Love On

The only issue that I might have is that it isn’t limited to only over 50s. This can be good, if you’re over 50 but looking to date younger. It also attracts more members – over 58 million members, to be exact. This can be potentially frustrating to users who don’t know how to use a search box with age limitations on it – but it’s very simple and easy to do – so the large amount of members shouldn’t be a problem.

Is A Good Place For Over 50 Dating? is one of the best places on the internet for men and women over 50 to find sex, love, and casual dating. As the “world’s largest adult dating site” you are guaranteed to find a match in your age range, in the location you’re looking for, that fits your preferences. It’s really easy to sign up and simple to navigate. Why waste any more precious time wondering if you should join a dating site? Just do it, and start browsing for your perfect match now on SEX SEARCH!